Buyer Agreement

  1. Brands Coverage is a platform where Buyers and Sellers are connected together through an agreement. The company does not own any product & it does not take any responsibility for publishing misleading information associated with products.
  2. The company makes no commitment to offering any guarantee that can be annexed to any published product.
  3. All potential buyers are required to send the full payment within 24 hours after the placement of an order. Once the payment is confirmed, the Seller will dispatch the required order in a stipulated time period. If the Buyer’s payment doesn’t receive within 24 hours, the order will be canceled and re-listed.
  4. Kindly read all the points of Seller’s Return/Refund Policy
  5. Kindly carefully check the product images & read the product description
  6. Delivery/Shipping charges which are mentioned here have been applied by the 7. 7. 7.Seller. (You can select as many products as you like from different sellers that may constitute multiple packages.
  7. Kindly check seller reviews before purchasing anything as reviews are on website from potential buyers.

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