How it Works?

Brands Coverage offers a convenient and reliable platform for people who are interested to buy and sell their pre-loved and New products ranging from Pakistani designer clothing, international clothing, electronics and many more. The seller has to display his product with all related information on website under respective category and the interested buyer will purchase the items using the same platform, here brands coverage providing services only, whereas sale agreement directly between buyer & seller.

The seller who want to sell his item have to put specific information on the page including Pictures at least 3-4 with different angles and sides, product company (Brand) , Product condition, size and measurements, shipping weight, original price and the sale price for buyer. The seller should add proper product description in order to get the item selling fast. Once the process is complete than any buyer who is interested to buy the specific product will put in cart, checkout and place order. Meanwhile company will make confirmation of the product from seller and buyer will be intimated regarding order confirmation through call or email within 2 to 3 hours. Buyer has to pay total amount in company account within 24 hours after confirmation, As soon payment is received order will be dispatched to buyer with tracking number whereas seller will get the money after sale fees once product is successfully delivered.

Brands Coverage is also offering a very exciting option on website of “Make an Offer” which means that both buyer and seller can negotiate on product price and this deal is secretly done between two parties on the platform. Buyer has option to make an offer for the specific product less than listing price and company will check from seller if he/she agrees on offered amount. Acceptance or Rejection  of offered price will be intimated by e-mail or call to buyer. If offer gets accepted by seller, company or seller will change the price of the product and buyer has to put this item in cart, checkout and place order within 1 hour.

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